Silver Usb Hard DriveUSB Hard Drive

As I keep saying, the best thing about USB memory is how easy it is to use. Even still, it’s always possible that something will go wrong with a flash memory center. So when you’re shopping around, look for a unit with a warranty.

Some USB flash memory sticks have a thirty-day guarantee, which is a great deal. If you have any technical problems with your memory center in this time, you can return the item for a new one. If you’re shopping on the internet for your USB hard drive, which I think is how you find the best deals, look for a guarantee like this.

Memory on the USB Hard Drive

The flash memory on a USB hard drive is actually the same type of memory used on most digital cameras. If you so desire, you can store data on a flash memory center for upwards of 10 years. This is plenty of storage for most people’s needs.

Now, despite the fact that flash memory is used in digital cameras, that doesn’t mean you can use any USB hard drive as digital camera “film.” Flash memory centers like the Easy Disk are made to be additional hard drives. The flash memory used by cameras tend not to interface with items like the Easy Disk.

Trek USB Memory StickUSB Memory Key

As with any hard drive, you’ll want to be careful so your USB memory key doesn’t become infected with a virus. Flash centers such as keychain memory are susceptible to viruses. They are no more and no less likely to get a virus than any data storage device.

Viruses and Your USB Memory Key

That said, there are absolutely things you can do to protect your USB memory key from viruses. The same way you scan your computer hard drive, you can run a virus scan on your flash center drive. Similarly, anti-virus software will destroy viruses on a memory stick, just like on a regular hard drive.

You can even install virus protection software on your USB memory key. This is often recommended, in the same way it’s recommended to install such software on any hard drive. If anything, it’s even more important to install this software on your flash memory center, since it will likely be used with many different computers.

In many ways, a computer virus is just like a human virus. The more opportunity you have to come in contact with a virus, the more likely you are to catch it. Similarly, since a flash memory center usually comes into contact with many computers, it is more likely to catch any viruses out there, and must therefore be protected.

Stick ReaderUSB Memory Stick Options

There are many different USB memory stick options from which you can choose. However, I have no doubt that any of the USB pen drives will wow you with their convenience. These flash memory centers are great ways to store and transport data.

Since portability is a main bonus of USB portable hard drives, you'll want to consider how you'd like to carry your flash memory center. For example, one of your USB memory stick options is keychain memory. These drives literally attach to your keychain, for remarkable ease of transport.

Other flash memory centers come with lanyards which you can wear around your neck. If you'd rather not have your portable hard drive become part of your clothing, you can always fit a pen drive in your pocket. No matter what USB memory stick options you choose, you'll find these drives to be amazingly lightweight and compact.

The Best USB Memory Stick Options

I've already mentioned some things I look for when shopping online for USB flash memory centers, but they bear repeating. First, look for some kind of warranty, like a thirty-day money back guarantee. Also, make sure you get a drive with enough memory for your needs, whether that's 128 MB or a full 1 GB.

Blue USB Pen DriveUSB Pen Drives

USB pen drives are about as simple and convenient as it comes. Pen drive basics include the following: no cables, no power supplies, and no batteries. They're simple, plug and play devices, and terrific flash memory centers.

The convenience is probably the thing about USB memory that I love the most. These flash memory centers are the handiest way to take advantage of a removable hard drive. Just plug USB pen drives them into your USB port, and they're immediately recognized by your computer.

Most operating systems will recognize USB pen drives right away. You don't even have to re-boot the computer. Mere moments after you plug the flash memory center in, you'll see a new drive letter appear on your screen, showing you that your computer has recognized the drive and is ready to work with it.

USB Pen Drives and Drivers

USB pen drives almost never require a driver. However, in that rare circumstance that you have an older operating system, you might need a driver in order to operate the flash memory center. In these cases, you can install the driver quickly and easily, after which you can plug and play at will.

Portable Hard DriveUSB Portable Hard Drives

With USB portable hard drives, you get durable, solid state storage. There are no moving parts that can get messed up and ruin your data. USB flash memory centers are therefore shock resistant, and can withstand the jounces and bumps of transport.

To make your USB portable hard drives even safer, you can buy keychain memory with a write protect switch. With this switch engaged, you will have no danger of accidentally overwriting and losing your files. You can also password protect your flash memory centers for extra security.

Convenience of USB Portable Hard Drives

When you look at a bulky ZIP drive plus disks, then look at a USB portable hard drive…there's just no comparison. The flash memory center is smaller, more lightweight, more durable, and more convenient. Many pen drives also an equal or greater storage capacity than ZIP discs.

You can use your flash memory center to store absolutely any data. Bulky movies, MP3s, pictures, documents…these can all be moved off your computer's hard drive and onto the USB portable hard drive for easy storage. This will free up space on your computer, and allow you to run a much more effective machine.