Cloud Storage Systems

Cloud storage systems have been around for quite a while now and they continue to grow in popularity at a rapid pace as more people are deciding to change from using their local computer or server to cloud-based systems for their data storage needs. Many companies offer cloud storage systems and a wide variety of services that can fit the needs of consumers and businesses alike, be it as a backup service or as an operational server with mobile access.

Cloud storage allows you to store your important data on a third party’s server offsite instead of saving it on your own server or the hard disk on your computer. To access data stored “in the cloud” you simply log onto a third party’s server through the internet or there are also ways to configure a system so anything you do on your local system is automatically saved to an offsite server as a backup.

The cost of cloud storage systems has decreased dramatically in recent years and it is a very affordable option with many advantages. If you are an individual user or a business there are many excellent choices available that allow you to take advantage of the many benefits the cloud can offer.

Advantages of Cloud Storage Systems


Many choose cloud storage because it offers excellent flexibility. It allows you to easily adjust your storage needs either up or down without having to make physical adjustments to your own equipment or incurring the additional expense to do so. With a simple email or phone call to your third party cloud storage provider, you can adjust your plan or make necessary changes to how much data storage you need.

No Hardware Upgrades

If you store data on your own server or hard disk then you will need to make upgrades to your equipment as your security needs change or as your needs for capacity change. Using cloud storage means you avoid the expense and personnel needed to deal with the IT requirements of server upgrades or upgrading storage components for your personal computer.

No Maintenance

Using a cloud service helps avoid maintenance that can be required when you are constantly adding files and changing the structure of your file system. Updating security, changing settings and manually performing backups can be expensive in terms of time and actual cost.

No Upfront Cost

Most cloud services do not require any upfront payment or cost. You simply pay a monthly fee that is determined by your plan or the amount of data you have stored. Maintaining your own equipment requires purchasing portable hard drives, replacing hard drives, purchasing new servers and all types of equipment which will mean large upfront and recurring costs.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Disaster Recovery and backup service via cloud storage systems is easy, as you can typically utilize automatic processes that will perform backups. Should you have a serious error or problem with your local system and need to access your data, then you can simply log onto the remote cloud server. Additionally, recovery service that automatically restores data to your local system from the cloud are available as well.


Companies that offer cloud storage systems typically invest a large amount of money in servers with huge amounts of available space for data storage. Additionally, their only focus is the storage and security of the data stored on their servers, so they use secure physical locations and expert technicians to ensure safety. It is very difficult to duplicate the level of security that most cloud storage providers have unless you are willing to invest huge sums of money.

Mobile Access

Trying to maintain mobile access on a consistent basis can be problematic at times if you are handling it yourself. As the devices you use to access your system remotely change, it will require making changes to the structure and settings of your system. Using a cloud-based system for access to files alleviates the need to make changes or adjustments as most cloud storage systems are designed to accommodate accessing data from almost any type of mobile device or tablet.

There are many benefits of using “the cloud” to store your important data. While several years ago it was really only an affordable option for businesses, now it is a viable option for almost anyone that uses a computer. There are no complicated setups or expensive fees upfront required and it is one of those services that just plain makes sense. There is a wide variety of providers that offer a huge variety of data storage plans to fit the needs of users that require large amounts of data or users that just want to take advantage of the convenience cloud storage systems offer.