The SAXPath project stands for Simple API for XPath. SAXPath is similar to SAX in that the API abstracts away the details of parsing and processing the data and provides a simple event based callback interface. It's a very useful tool for writing XPath related applications.

Where can I download it from?

Newest beta version, 1.0 FCS, can be downloaded from saxpath sourceforge page. Windows, linux, and also Max OSX versions are available.

What license type does SAXPath use?

SAXPath uses an Apache-style open source license. Apache-style license is believed to be one of the least restrictive licenses around. SAXPath can be used to create new products without forcing them to be open source.

What makes SAXPath useful?

After implementing an XPath engine for both dom4j and JDOM, and attempting to keep them both in sync, saxpath developement team decided that factoring out the commonality would be preferred. And so,SAXPath provides a single point for XPath expression parsing, regardless of the target object model, whether its dom4j, JDOM, DOM, JavaBeans. Making it one of the most pwoerful XPath parsing engines around.

Is there an API implementation?

The API format is open to many implementation, but also included in the distribution, currently, is the werken digital implementation, which combines powerful features and yet is very easy to use.

What's the most useful SAXPath feature?

We've been told that the most useful thing to do with SAXPath is to use it combined with Jaxen: Java XPath Engine. It allows for quick development of cutting edge applications.

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